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Personal Statement


Colour, texture and form in my work is gathered and inspired by an eclectic group of subjects. Rust , whether it be on old tools or abandoned boats, is a rich source of organic decay, as well as the history, grandeur and deterioration in buildings which greatly influences my work. Lately the environment of the east coast has caught my attention, as I am deeply touched to see the corrosion of the abundant industry.

I strive to make the invisible visible and aim to find the balance between form and colour.

Images are composed by layering different plates of wood cut with relief and intaglio, one of the oldest methods of print making; as well as collagraph where the image is not carved out, but build up through different materials such as household paint, glue and objects.

I prefer to produce only individual prints (artist proof a/p) rather than editions, as it is important to me to be intimately involved with each of my created images.

My work as an educator with a specialism in arts and crafts has brought me to the insight that the experience and appreciation of art can be a powerful tool for healing in our time.

Art and creativity have been an essential thread running through my working life with special needs children and young people in the environment of the Camphill Rudolf Steiner Schools, Aberdeen.

Educational Biography

1946-54: Elementary school education (Germany)

1954-56: Kindergarten teacher training

1956-59: Work as Kindergarten teacher

1959-01: Camphill Rudolf Steiner Schools for children with special needs

2001-02: Portfolio course

2002-05: BA Hons First Class Degree in Fine Art- Printmaking, Gray’s School of Art, Robert Gordon University.

Large Pieces

Small Items


Wood Engraving
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